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What happens when an orchestra eats the world’s hottest chili pepper? – Gizmodo says:

New York Daily News
What happens when anorchestraeats the world's hottest chili pepper?
Pain. Tears. Hurt. Agony. Numbness. Burning hell. When an entireorchestradecides to make the questionable life decision to all eat the world's hottest chili peppers at the same time and then perform a song, all of that and more happens to them. For
SEE IT: Danishorchestraperforms music after digesting some of world'sNew York Daily News
Watch the Danish National ChamberOrchestraPerform After Eating World'sTIME
Watch: Danish National ChamberOrchestraperforms while eating world'sThe Post-Standard –
Huffington Post –The Week Magazine
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Orchestra of St. Luke’s Gives a Literature-Inspired Concert – New York Times says:

Orchestraof St. Luke's Gives a Literature-Inspired Concert
New York Times
A thrilling performance of Mendelssohn's “Die erste Walpurgisnacht” capped theOrchestraof St. Luke's season-opening concert at Carnegie Hall on Thursday, proving that, under the leadership of its firebrand music director, Pablo Heras-Casado, this is

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Madison Symphony Orchestra explores Scandinavia in sublime concert – says:
Madison SymphonyOrchestraexplores Scandinavia in sublime concert
Theorchestrawas especially solid during the second and third movements of the concerto, which was satisfying as in the past they have sometimes faltered in their efforts to keep up with the invited soloists. In this piece, though, ensemble and
Sarah Chang is fiery on the violin as Madison SymphonyOrchestraperformsIsthmus

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Music review: Hannu Lintu and the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra make favorites … – says:

Music review: Hannu Lintu and the St. Louis SymphonyOrchestramake favorites
One of the wonderful things about great music is that every insightful interpreter brings a unique perspective to each performance. For proof of that, consider this weekend's concerts by conductor Hannu Lintu and the St. Louis SymphonyOrchestra. Lintu …

This Is An Orchestra Under The Influence Of Chili Peppers – NPR (blog) says:

This Is AnOrchestraUnder The Influence Of Chili Peppers
NPR (blog)
It's not unusual for musicians to play through pain. But instead of blisters or cramps, members of the Danish National ChamberOrchestrarecently endured the searing throb of hot peppers. And it was on purpose: Each musician ate one of “the world's
Danish chamberorchestragoes viral with chile-eating stuntLos Angeles Times

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Atlanta Symphony Orchestra reaches tentative 4-year deal – WXIA-TV says:

Wall Street Journal (blog)
Atlanta SymphonyOrchestrareaches tentative 4-year deal
ATLANTA — Friday afternoon, board members of the Atlanta SymphonyOrchestrareceived notice that a tentative deal had been reached between musicians and management. 11Alive obtained a copy of the note written Terry Neal, interim President and CEO.
Atlanta SymphonyOrchestra, Musicians Reach Tentative AgreementWall Street Journal (blog)
Resolution nearing in two-month Atlanta Symphony musician lockout?Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)
Atlanta Symphony Musicians and Management Reach Tentative Labor DealNew York Times (blog)
ArtsATL –PR Newswire (press release) –CBS Local
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