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Concert Review: Montreal Symphony Orchestra magnificent in Boston – says:
Concert Review: Montreal SymphonyOrchestramagnificent in Boston
In that brief moment at the beginning of Debussy's “Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun,” Nagano exuded a sereneness which seemed to guide every beautiful note theorchestraplayed that night. The day after the concert, I read that Nagano fell in love

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Orchestra director shares philosophy behind teaching music – Monitor says:

Orchestradirector shares philosophy behind teaching music
“My firstorchestrateachers (in McAllen ISD) had a passion for fine music and inspired me to love music; their work ethic inspired me to teach,” Martinez, now the headorchestradirector at De Leon, said. “My first violin teacher was Mrs. Jackie Pride

West Ashley High School Orchestra receives a Superior Rating – WCBD News 2 says:

WCBD News 2
West Ashley High SchoolOrchestrareceives a Superior Rating
WCBD News 2
Members of the West Ashley High School ChamberOrchestrareceived a Superior rating during their 2016OrchestraPerformance Assessment. Not only did these students participate in the Festival, but they were in charge of running the event as well.

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Leawood teen to solo with the Topeka Symphony Orchestra – Topeka Capital Journal says:

Topeka Capital Journal
Leawood teen to solo with the Topeka SymphonyOrchestra
Topeka Capital Journal
Saxophonist Jordan Savage, 16, of Leawood, will perform Saturday night with the Topeka SymphonyOrchestraas the winner of its 63rd Youth Talent Auditions. The Rockhurst High School sophomore will perform by memory the 14-minute long Concertto in …

Musician-run La. Philharmonic Orchestra celebrates 25 years – says:
Musician-run La. PhilharmonicOrchestracelebrates 25 years
NEW ORLEANS – The 67 members of the Louisiana PhilharmonicOrchestraproduce a rich sound, filled with emotion. This is America's oldestorchestrarun by the musicians. “I've always said that those musicians who started the LPO 25 years ago are heroic, …

Fine Schumann from St. Louis Symphony Orchestra – says:
Fine Schumann from St. Louis SymphonyOrchestra
This weekend, the St. Louis SymphonyOrchestrafollows up on its four-week Shakespeare Festival with three performances of an unabashedly German Romantic program, featuring two works by Ludwig van Beethoven and one by Robert Schumann.
Tilson Thomas offers a bracing Sibelius No. 2 with CSOChicago Tribune

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